Why Chaplin’s?

Charlie Chaplin (yes, the global superstar of the silent movies) used to bring his wife Oona and their children to the shop for ice creams and coffee during their  holidays to Nairn and Grantown in the early 70’s.

Stephen Queen, the current owner has been told that Charlie Chaplin and his family stayed at the Grant Arms Hotel in the town and that he apparently loved the area, visiting regularly from his home in Switzerland during his later years.

When Stephen took over the shop, it already contained a lot of Chaplin memorabilia and he decided that he should give the place some sort of identify – hence Chaplin’s!

A message from your host

“I personally feel that I want everyone to feel welcome and comfortable when they come into Chaplins. It is true that they will receive a true Scottish welcome but we also aim to do more….. we aim that our customers, not only feel full on departure, but have also had an enjoyable experience with good service.”



Your Host

Stephen has many years experience in the hospitality industry and he combines this with his love of good food, excellent service and welcoming personality …. the perfect host.